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Nursing Home in Klisino is an organizational unit of Głubczyce District. The institution bases its activities on the Law on Social Welfare of 12 March 2004. The main aim of the Home (Team) is to provide full time care for its residents. Before 01 March 2011 Nursing Home in Klisino included branches in Boboluszki, Branice and Radynia.

Dunder the Resolution No. V/48/2011 of Głubczyce District Council of 10 February 2011 on the merger of Nursing Homes operated by Głubczyce District, Nursing Home “Pod klonami” (“Under the maples”) in Dzbańce, Nursing Home “Kombatant” (“Veteran”) in Głubczyce and Nursing Home in Bliszczyce were included. Currently, the institution is inhabited by 660 residents.

Małgorzata Krywko-Trznadel - Director

Michał Dobrowolski - Deputy Director

Kietrz branch

Nursing Home in  Kietrz is one of the branches of Nursing Home in Klisino. It is located in the centre of Kietrz. A small town, as well as peaceful and quiet neighbourhood give the patients in care peace, sense of security, privacy protection, rest and relax. The residents have good access to town infrastructure, and …

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Radynia branch

Nursing Home in Radynia was established in 1987 and is a branch of Nursing Home in Klisino. It is located away from the noise of city, surrounded by nature, and offers peace and quiet. The building is inhabited by chronically mentally ill people, often accompanied by somatic disease, many of the residents are people with …

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